BoB is a story of the road and adventures. It is the living and breathing soul of every mountain and every ocean waiting for a friendly visit, but above all it is a story of borders and our interaction with them. The heart and soul of this community is Karlis, an ex project manager in the field of waste management who at the age of 28 realized that visiting mountains only a couple of times a year just won’t do, so he left his job and started a life of adventures and freedom, spreading the addiction and attracting others to BoB as well. Every adventure has a different team, but all of BoB team members have one thing in common – urge to get moving and true love for adventures.


In 2013, Karlis crossed Europe from North Cape to Gibraltar on Nordic skates in 60 days covering more than 6150 kilometers and setting a new Guinness Record – The longest ride on inline-skates. (The Guinness guys have not acknowledged this yet, but who cares – we know it’s true.)


From the end of January till mid February 2014, Karlis and three other cycling enthusiasts traveled form Riga to Sochi by bicycle realizing a 2840 kilometers long wintery ride and reaching the capital of the Winter Olympic Games of 2014 in 17 days.

As Thor Heyerdahl once said “Borders? I’ve never seen one, but I’ve heard they exist in the minds of some people.”