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Postcard of Karlis – Set of 6


Can’t help myself, I just love so much the pictures like that, where You can see underwater and above. Imagine, there is maybe around 5 to 6 km underneath me?
I’ve always been sarcastic about #neverstopcomplaining thing. Especially on the expeditions like that, where You can find countless things to complain about. Do You know some person, who is complaining non-stop about something? Maybe You need to send this postcard to that person?

Picture was taken in the second third of the journey between Hiva Oa island in French Polynesia and Tuvalu island.

Text on the postcard:
“In the middle of the Pacific, I kept my spirits up by complaining about some total nonsense.

For example: “Ooh, there’s so much water around!”

#neverstopcomplaining ”

6 Post Cards
150 x 100mm
4 x 6 inch

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