Final Leg


The previous leg of the journey ended up in Somalia, therefore it took quite some time to get back on track and figure it out how to continue this expedition. Almost 1.5 years have passed since Karlis landed in Somalia and a lot of things have happened in between. Getting the boat out of Somalia, repairing and preparing it for the tight weather window in the Indian Ocean is a big challenge, but the slowly we move forward.


Forth leg of human powered journey around the world. In 3 months travel from 50 nm offshore Kenya/Somalia border to Luderitz, Namibia. Crossing Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia by bicycle and small part of the Indian Ocean by ocean rowing boat. By compleating this stage Karlis will join the dots around the world, where the journey started in 2016 in Namibia.


26th of January 2024 – the Spring of 2024



385 km to reconnect the dots from the place, where Karlis was rowing across the Indian Ocean close to Somalia by boat to Kenya and then 5000 km across Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia by bicycle.


If along the journey You can take someone with You it is a double the joy. Since third leg of the around thr world expedition we all are helping fondation Hospiss LV to reach their big dream – to build the first, proper hospice care center in Latvia. Previous time we collected donations of almost 7000 EUR. It’s something, but You’ll agree – we could do better, right? Every km on the yourney converts into donationas by followers, who can virtually join the adventure. As a acknowledgment every supporter will recieve a certificate by snail mail stating their km on the journey.

Please take Your chance to join and help this big dream to happen here –


It is for certain, that Karlis is doing the whole route no metter what. Rowing and cycling. For thr rowing part Arturs Skroderis is joining and that is a very good news, because Arturs has 20+ years of sailing experience, he is not afraid of the sea and is a solid bloke too. Let’s see if someone is joining for the bicycle leg. Stay tuned!


This expedition wold not be possible without some new and some long term supporters. Thank You to all of them!