Polar Stroll

The Goal

To follow a 750 km long stretch of the Polar Circle from the border of Russia and Finland to the banks of the Norwegian Sea across Finland, Sweden and Norway. The participants of this adventure will walk on skis, pulling a sledge with all the necessary equipment and food. The aim is to follow the compass at all times and never change the course no matter what comes in the way – glaciers, rivers, slopes, lakes, mountains and forests. Keeping the straight line will bear no compromises.


March 10 – April 15 2014


750 kilometers (~25 km per day) through 3 countries (Finland, Sweden and Norway).

Polar Circle like a magnet

Another crucial part of this project is filming material for exploratory adventure series about the ski-trip itself and the people, who live on the Polar Circle. We want to learn why people choose to live on the circle despite the harsh environment – cold and snow for the most part of the year and mosquito armies during the few month of summer. What is the invisible magnet that draws people here? We want to test the power of this mysterious magnet and see if it is strong enough to help us keep the chosen course across three countries without deviating from the Polar Circle.


March 10, 2014
No, No - it's not that heavy.
March 10, 2014
When one goes to the Polar Circle, it’s very important that one packs appropriately.


Karlis Bardelis

Skis, pulls the sledge, films and tells the story

Karlis’ comfort zone lies without a doubt within the framework of adventures. Six months ago he left his job in a waste management company to follow his heart and has now become a full time adventurer. His adventures so far include a 60 days and 6247 km long ride on Nordic skates from North Cape to Gibraltar and the charity winter cycling-tour “Pedal for no Medal”, during which the team cycled 2840 km in 17 days taking themselves from Riga to Sochi. Together with Martins they have climbed Elbrus and Mont Blanc and realized a 310 meters long climb on a completely new route in Norway.

During this adventure Karlis will ski 750 km (the first 250 km together with Martins and the remaining 500 km alone).

Martins Gulbis

Skis, drags the sledge and tells the story

The everyday work of Martins is related to finances and he jokes about himself saying that he is calm at work. Since childhood he has been attracted to different outdoor activities, so his adventure portfolio is quite interesting. Martins has hiked in the woods of Alaska and found the legendary bus from the movie “Into the Wild”, participated in legendary powder-snow rides in the French Alps and been part of many other adventures. Together with Karlis they have climbed Elbrus and Mont Blanc and realized a 310 meters long climb on a completely new route in Norway.

During this adventure he will ski a 250 km long part of the route, so he can get back to his beloved daughter, son and wife as soon as possible.

Zane Peneze

Producer of the documental adventure series

Journalist and film director, graduate of Documentary Studies at the New Scool in New York; co-author of two documentaries about Afghanistan. Currently producing a TV show in the national television channel LTV and working on a movie about the radio station Latvijas Radio.

Liene Jurgelane

Editor of the written word

Liene has been part of many different local and global education projects and put this experience to good use by co-founding the organization kusT. Learning about things that matter.

As an integral part of the Bored of Borders team she always helps with all of BoB projects even if this time she is not on the road herself.

Miks Valers


A professional translator, whose calling is putting the adventures of Bored of Borders team into words. Miks is the creative and technical brain of the team, which will stay at home this time and manage the communication from the base-camp in Riga.