South by Tandembike and Rowing Boat


What’s the name of the new project?
– There is no name jet!

You should give the name before You set out!
– No, this adventure will be different – we will let the road and the ocean define the name!



In 21. months travel from Rio das Ostras, Brazil to Cairns, Australia. Crossing South America by tandem bike and the Pacific ocean by ocean rowing boat. We will not use engines, sails or any other external driving implements, and we will travel without a support crew or vessel, relying only on our own strength for the entire route across half of the planet.


24th of January 2018. – the Autumn of 2019.



By tandem bike 6000 km across
the South America – Brazil, Argentina,
Chile, Peru & then 15 500 km across the Pacific Ocean from Callao (Lima), Peru to Cairns, Australia by ocean rowing boat.

Education Through the Prism of Expedition

Till now, “Bored of Borders” team has visited numerous schools and shared their adventure stories, receiving appreciation not only from children and teachers, but also from school management. During this adventure project, we will work with several schools, organizing meetings before and after the expedition and using technologies to virtually bring the children out there with us. This way the learning process will step out of the usual four-walled box – for example, during the projects week the children will be able to prepare their projects about the territories or water bodies crossed and the animals met by our team.

Stay tuned

Very nice layer will be added by the course of the adventure.


December 21, 2018
Greetigs from Hiva Oa
January 23, 2018
Spreading the word about a life of adventure.


Human powered route will be steamed up by Linda Zuze and Karlis Bardelis. The comfort zone of Kārlis is, without a doubt, being in the middle of an adventure. Meanwhile Linda finds her comfort zone between arts and fashion. Their greatest adventure up to now has been loving each other for 3,5 years!