Bored of Borders

We have passed a sign which says “The Middle of Sweden”. This was a quite good day for Karlis – he made almost 116km today managing to maintain the average speed of 21.6km/h. It is the best average speed so far. Karlis has developed his own route routine. For example, he has figured out how to let the big trunks pass by in the most convenient way for them. They honk in response in a greeting. For the crew the day was quite boring meaning that nothing broke and there was no problems to solve. The only interesting thing form today is the fact that in Sweden you can’t just refill any gas tank, you have to buy a Sweden gas tank and then exchange it when it’s empty. The closest place where we can refill our tanks along our route is 5 days from here, so we are struggling to decide wether to buy a Swedish gas tank or take it like true Latvians and freeze till we can refill our tanks. In the picture: we can park anywhere.

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