Bored of Borders

We, the Slowest Way to Rio team, have a New Year’s resolution – the project must go on!

We have always strived for honesty and tried to be truthful even if the truth is unpleasant.

Before the holidays, we received a refusal from a big (actually, very big on our scale) potential supporter with whom we were coordinating the project for months and with a positive tendency (the promise of support was quite straight forward).

At first, obviously, it is hard to resign to changes, but after doing some thinking, rethinking and re-rethinking and so on you suddenly understand that it is all part of the process, an integral part of the road we have chosen.

I am sure that this is the way it should be.

At the same time, we have evaluated the route in detail, recalculated the budget, consulted with sailers, seasoned ocean rowers from Canada, Great Britain, Australia and USA.

All of this has resulted in a decision that will provide extra time for raising funds and will be more in-hand with nature (meaning the prevailing ocean currents and winds). We will fully focus on rowing across the Atlantic without an engine, sails or supporting ship, relying solely on human power.

Yes, we will skip the originally planned cycling trip and will use the time to address not only organizations, as we have done till now, but also all of You, our followers, cheerers, supporters and friends. And so we do.

We humbly ask each and every one of you to become a small, but absolutely essential part of the Slowest Way to Rio, by donating any amount you can spare (and we really mean any), because at this point we are 36 400 EUR short on our goal.

So, our spirits are high and we have no intention of dropping this project.

Route: Luderitz, Namibia – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Estimated length: 60000 km

Estimated duration: 90-100 days

Start: May 8, 2016

We welcome You on board!

Donations from legal entities:

Name: Jūrmalas alpīnistu klubs “9.3 Mezgli”

Account No. LV43HABA0551036868943

Registration No. 40008172652

Address: Nicas iela 3, Jurmala, Latvia

Donations from individuals:

Karlis Bardelis

Bank: Swedbank AS

Account No .: LV75HABA0551008373550

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