Bored of Borders

Yesterday’s hardcore chill-out has left it’s marks – this morning Kaspars was complaining about a muscle ache in his leg. But other than that everybody was feeling great mainly because of the bright sunlight dancing on the white sheets of snow. While changing the inner tube of Kaspars front wheel Roberts took a deep breath of the crisp winter air and with a dreamy look in his face announced “What a nice weather. I think we should go for a bike ride.” Because yesterday took a lot of strength, we decided to sleep in, so the bikes hit the road just after 11 o’clock with the sun already high above the horizon. The day was absolutely beautiful and even the annoying head wind couldn’t spoil it. Today our crazy four were not the only cyclists on the snowy streets of Voznesens’k – two locals on bikes saluted our gang as a sign of global solidarity of pedalers. The car drivers were not so friendly – we heard a lot of honking and saw quite a few drivers poking their finger at their temple. Interestingly these signs came mostly from the drivers going in the opposite direction who couldn’t be in any way disturbed by our procession. But as always, the negative energy got balanced out by the positive. Many drivers were giving the guys thumbs up, smiling and waving their hands. Some were even filming this unusual event, so we might go viral on some Ukrainian social network. As for the road conditions – they were interesting to say the least. For the most part the road resembled a frozen potatoe field covered with molehills. Some parts were a bit like bobsleigh tube with snowdrifts on both sides and a floor of shining ice. And truth be told, we almost forgot the color of asphalt. Basically a perfect environment for a nice and easy bike-ride. The bikes were trembling and wobbling and the riders got a chance to show their skills of balancing acquired during the last days. The thrilling road conditions broke the formation of our team and every man started pedaling for himself trying to find the right icy groove. Roberts tried to renew the order of the procession, but it wasn’t that easy. Aigars tried to give the guys a heads-up about the breaking up of the formation by using the van’s horn, but that didn’t go so well, because the sound of the horn confused Karlis B. so much that he decided to lay low for a while. After a while Karlis P. also tried to hide from an unknown enemy by attempting to burry his head in the snow like an ostrich. In other words, it wasn’t easy to keep a steady course and good pace, but the guys did their best to maintain an average speed of 20 km/h. The chances of an early finish grew slimmer with every kilometer traveled, but our luck had to change soon, because Kaspars found a 5 copeck coin in the middle of the road which means good fortune. By the sign of Mykolaiv the road finally took down our fearless leader Roberts and he took Karlis B. with him just for the fun of it. After turning on the by-pass road around Mykolaiv the lady Fortune smiled at us at last. The totally clear road was like Christmas that came early especially for Karlis P., who was waiting for the asphalt since we left the hotel this morning. The second part of the day brought no surprises – dark road, yellow flashing rotary light and four riders illuminated by the headlights of our van. So the stats of the day: 157km and 9h and 20min total driving time – we are not the fastest ones on the road, but we are moving forward, and that’s what matters.The truth of the day: “When you wake up, your leg aches. After 150 km on a bike the pain goes away.”

The truth of the day: “When you wake up, your leg aches. After 150 km on a bike the pain goes away.”

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