Bored of Borders

The weekend turned to be quite colorful. Saturday evening came with head wind. We rowed our asses off, but the wind still pushed us back to Africa, so we put out our sea anchor to at least slow down our return. At 5:30 the wind stopped and we pulled in the ropes.

Obviously, our supply of healing creams has run out during the epopoeia of skin irritation which still comes back from time to time. We are also out of disinfectant and vitamins. We can get all of this stuff from the ships passing by, but there are some buts: we see a ship approx. once a week, the encounter should take place in daytime, our routes should be fairly close, the wind should be favorable, the waves should be small enough for us to approach the ship, the velocity of the ship should be suitable for a randevu and the captain should decide to help us. So, as you can see, the list of preconditions is quite long.

On Sunday morning we met a 330m long oil tanker JALANDI which matched all of our conditions perfectly. When we asked the Spanish captain if we could get something more besides the medicine, the man in charge said “Don’t be shy. Ask whatever you want and we will try to find it”. So we sent our wish-list to the ship, together with LAIMA chocolate, and ISOSTAR and HERKULES power-bars.

Now we are stocked up with medicine, vitamins, fresh un canned fruit, bread, cheese and canned fish. This just blew our minds and we organized a magnificent Fisherman day’s feast for two with actual fish on the table – yes, it was canned, but it was still a fish.

(Drawing by Lorata Marta Šulca)

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