Bored of Borders

In spite of the back-stream that was tormenting us for two days, just after the sunrise we spotted a small piece of land on our wast and usually totally empty horizon. It was Martin Vas island only 600m wide in its widest part and populated only by birds, but for us it was something spectacular. The sight of land got our spirits up and, us we continued to row further, in the second part of the day we finally saw the big sister – Trinidade island.

They say that home is your temple where you can find shelter, pull your self together and renew your strengths – for the next wave – where to find silence and piece. It is the place where you can enjoy the moment between breathing in and out, where you can dream and listen to the whispers of stars. Today is the 100th day since we call this boat our home and the ocean our back-yard.

Cheers, friends!

(Drawing by Aleksis Blaķis)

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