Bored of Borders

Half-way. Half-way doesn’t count when it’s only half-way from one island to another and also when it’s halfway around our beautiful planet Earth.

Damn! Bu it is half-way around the planet with no engine or sails.

An endless sense of gratitude takes over.

Thanks to the Road, the Mountains, the Ocean. Thanks to Linda and Ginth, who shared half of this half-world with me.

Thanks to my family and friends who always take care, so I can enrich my breakfast with some tasty, hearty message from home.

Thanks to all those who supported, who believed and continue to believe that borders exist only in one’s mind.

There is a beautiful way ahead. I believe many will join #gRowTogether, so it can become more beautiful for others together with a family.

Be happy and see-you-soon!

940 nm to Tuvalu.

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