Bored of Borders

Before reaching the border in Corumba (Brazil) we had to cycle through Pantanal National Park. It meant 225km in 2 days and limted acces to civilization (haha, we will soon learn what does that means in Bolivia :D). The road was mainly flat , so the kilometers droped quickly. On both sides of the road we could enjoy untouched wild nature, just check out the pictures and You will understand why we where amazed. If You ever find Yourselfe in this side of the Planet, please, take a time to drive this road.

Miraculously we where able to make the 225km in 2 days and the reward was presented to us in form of peacefull sunset over the Paraguay river, which marks the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

Bordercrossing was fun – well, if You can find the fun in waiting and standing 3 hours for some stamp in Your passport, then You are kind of a guru 😀

Bolivia met us with cheep food, accommodation, less traffic, but with boring landscape for couple of days, till we reached Choichis – wow, what a cliffs there!

As the traffic intencity is so low there are no gas stadions with free wifi, shower and icecream (oh, finally we can complain about something :D)

Some nasty head-wind tried to stop us before reaching Santa Cruz de la Sierra, but again miraculously we managed to get through.

Its been quite intense 2 weeks of cycling and we decided to take a rest few days before heading into mountains.

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