Bored of Borders

This morning was the coldest yet. When we woke up the temperature in our camper had dropped to +3 degrees Celsius and the water tanks we left outside the camper had frozen solid. However, this state of total coldness ended when the sun got higher in the sky. In the midday Karlis encountered some technical difficulties with his skates – the brake system got loose while rolling downhill and he couldn’t stop before a railroad crossing. It resulted in Karlis lying on his back on the railroad tracks in the pose of a star. He was OK though and we fixed the breaks, so he could continue in no time. During the last 30km Karlis was wearing a skiing mask to protect his face against frost bites. Now he looks a little like some kind of a ninja or a bank robber. 120,1km today which means 120,1km closer to the warm waters of Gibraltar.

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