Bored of Borders

Another cold morning in our camper though this morning was a bit warmer than the last – it was +4 degrees Celsius inside. Today Karlis encountered the first problems with his GPS watch. Due to a human error the watch didn’t register 5km of the route so we had to return and Karlis skated the same stretch again. In the village of Vansbro Karlis met a guy who was trimming tree branches and turned out to be Gunde Svan – a cross-country skier who during his career has won a total of four gold, one silver and one bronze medal at the Winter Olympics. You never know whom you will meet along the way. The mishap with GPS watch and the meeting both made us a bit late so today Karlis had to skate in darkness again. As they say – you have to do what you have to do. Karlis described tonights ride as going through a metro tunnel and trying to evade the train. After today we are another 110km closer to our goal and hopefully a warmer climate.

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