Bored of Borders

The first part of today we spent in Belgium. It was quite windy and for some time Karlis had to break his way against the force of nature. After a while the wind got stronger, so even on downhill slopes Karlis had to push himself forward with the poles to keep moving. After lunch we crossed into the French ground with beautiful scenery but not so good asphalt, so for the second part of the day Karlis was struggling with uphill slopes and scrub-like surface of the road. We had a late morning today and it caused us to go on under the cover of darkness. It’s a bit scary for a lone skater on the narrow and hilly country roads of France, so for the last hour of todays journey we decided to escort Karlis from the back with our camper, providing him with lighting and at least some protection from cars passing by. We spent the night in Stonne – small village which has witnessed the full brutality of WWII.

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