Bored of Borders

A new day with new poles. The new titanium poles are a little heavier than the carbon ones but they are definitely much better than the broken ones. So the morning starts on high spirits and we roll into Belgium in a good mood. During the first part of the day our luck turned. The brake system on one of the skates got loose and blocked the wheel, making Karlis to fall while skating downhill. It’s a good thing that he had his knee pads and long sleeved jacket on, because otherwise he would have left a lot of his DNA on the asphalt. We patched Karlis up and he was skating again in an hour. After this unfortunate event it didn’t get much better. We had to cross a village with literarily no roads – because of road construction works the village center had been turned into a sandbox maybe suitable for cats and little children, but not for Karlis. It was a struggle, which continued on a bicycle road to the next town. Some locals we met on the way assured us that the particular bicycle road is fully asphalted and all in all very good, which was and overstatement at the least. The asphalt ended after 2km but the road that continued for another 18km transformed into a graveled path. This surprise threw Karlis off his course again, making the route 10km longer. While we were eating our lunch and Karlis was resting his everything we got visited by the local police. The policemen took all of our passports for identity check and wanted to know what we are doing in this region. Of course we obeyed the voice of the law and provided our IDs and answered all of the questions, but the main question still remains – how the purpose of our visit is police business? We guess the guys were just bored and had nothing better to do than browsing our passports. It turned out that we are not criminals after all and the policeman wished us good luck on our journey. Due to a small change of our route today we passed through Luxembourg, so to get to Gibraltar we will cross 10 countries instead of the planned 9. After 113km we reached Bastogne in Belgium where we got an unexpected visit form local Latvians Aivars and his son Axel. They were following our adventure online and finally decided to visit us in person and greet us in Belgium with the best local beer. True Latvian welcome. We spent the evening in our camper by a cup of tea or Belgium beer chatting. It was a truly heart warming evening with our new friends.

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