Bored of Borders

Today we got familiarized with the French ways of mobile internet and they are a bit shocking for Latvians who are used to having cheap internet anywhere and anytime. We purchased a prepaid SIM card with 1GB of data for 30 euros. That’s steep, but what can you do? The true magic happened when we tried to turn on the Personal hotspot feature of iPhone. It turned out that in France you have to pay not only for mobile data but also for the privilege of sharing that data across multiple devices. It’s beyond stupid. Ok, enough about that. Deep breath. Calm down. A lot of rain today, so Karlis didn’t even bother to change his clothes, because the dry ones would got soaked in a heartbeat. The rain caused the asphalt to become very slippery and resulted in Karlis French kissing the rough surface with the soft skin of his buttocks and leaving his DNA on the French highway. Some gauze, a bit of insulating tape and a spare skin-suit later the skater was back on the road. This time though we left the highway and returned on smaller country roads because the rain, fast trucks and a lone ranger just don’t match. The small roads presented us with a new challenge in the form of a mist. You could barely see the small flashing light of Karlis beacon through the evening mist, so we decided to shield our friend with the motorhome. For the last hour we were following Karlis and giving him light signs about cars passing by. Despite the darkness and fatigue Karlis pushed himself to reach the mark of 104km, just to compensate for the shortcoming of yesterday. The goal is set and must be reached – no excuses.

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