Bored of Borders

Really? This is our 40th day on the road already? It doesn’t feel half as much, so this must mean that we are having fun, because time flies like crazy. In the morning Karlis took our girls to a boulangerie in the middle of a town fair with a real life street organ player and a conductor of the fair, who was walking around and announcing the sold goods and their prices in a microphone. Karlis said that this gave a real energy boost for him. Another great thing happened this morning. We were trying to find someone in Toulouse who would be willing to accept a package, new Leki poles to be precise on our behalf and in an hour form posting the cry for help online we got an address and a contact of a guy in Toulouse who was glad to help us. That’s the power of social networks for you. The second part of the day came with a heavy rain again. At one point Karlis stopped by the camper and with a huge smile on his face announced that he can’t see anything and skating in this weather feels like swimming. Little did he know about swimming. After an hour the heavy rain turned into a white cover of rainfall, but it seemed that Karlis really enjoyed it. A French guy passing by in his car opened his window and asked, if everything is OK, “Ca va?” “Ca va, Ca va!” answered Karlis and threw his hands in the air and waved them like he didn’t care. And actually he really didn’t. He took his GoPro camera and started shooting himself while skating through the rainfall. After 105km we made our camp in Chatillon-Coligny, which smells of late summer and rain.

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