Bored of Borders

Today Karlis admitted that he’s surprised with Spain, because before this journey he couldn’t imagine that the words Spain and coldness could be used in the same sentence. It feels like the autumn has caught up with us even in the land of sun. Ok, to be honest the few previous days of heat have spoiled us, and now even +15 degrees Celsius with a bit of wind feels too cold to get out of the camper. It’s interesting how fast we have forgotten the freezing coldness of Scandinavia, and now are complaining about having to wear a jacket. Human mind works in a mysterious way, as they say. We had two interesting encounters today – one with a shepherd and another with the local law enforcement officers. So, about the shepherd. We were having lunch near the road, when we noticed a man with a walking stick and a dog passing by followed by a herd of sheep. At least 70 heads were swinging up and down, as the procession approached the road. By the road the man stopped, the dog made a circle around the herd and the sheep pushed themselves together in a concentrated pack. When the road was clear, the man crossed it and the sheep followed like a well trained army troop. The man never looked back at his flock to make sure that every animal had crossed the road safely. Then the procession disappeared behind a hill. We watched the whole process as hypnotized, because we were sure that this maneuver can’t be done safely, but as it turned out the sheep-man new what he was doing. Now about the second curious encounter of today. We were waiting for Karlis near a six star hotel – of course we had parked outside the hotel parking not to ruin the reputation of the hotel with our modest home – when we noticed that together with Karlis a police car is approaching us. At first the policemen were interested in the identity of Karlis, but when Liene got out of the camper to act as a translator and mediator, the arm of the law stretched towards us as well. They recorded the information about the camper and it’s driver, talked on a radio for a while and wished us good luck. To be honest, we were sure that the policemen will force Karlis off the highroad and maybe even give him a ticket, but it turned out that the only downside of this encounter was the refusal of the policemen to participate in our movie. After the daily 110km we found ourselves approximately 25km away from any decent motorhome parking or camping, so we are spending the night at today’s finish line near the road. And now a little bit about practical stuff – yesterday morning at the camping we washed a lot of our clothes which didn’t dry during the night, so we spent all day in a camper stuffed with drying clothes – they were everywhere – squeezed in behind the cabinet doors, hung on the small removable stairs and hanging from the sleeping area over the cabin. Even now in the evening we are surrounded by moist clothes, and we are trying to dry them using the hot air from the air supply system. It’s like a sauna in here =)

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