Bored of Borders

The morning came with a bit of a surprise. When the alarm went off and woke us up, the sun was already high in the sky. “Have we overslept or something?” was the first words that came out of Karlis mouth. We checked the time in our mobile phones and they all showed 7:30, so it seems that the sun had risen early this morning for some reason. But how could it happen? The mystery became clear when we realized that our clocks had been automatically adjusted to the daylight saving mode. So basically we had slept one hour longer than anticipated and hence lost one hour of daylight. Some saving. Although bright the morning also came a bit cold, so we had to put our socks back on. Another unpleasant surprise on our account. But in spite of the cold morning the day heated up and in the afternoon the socks went off again and we were enjoying yet another summer day in the heart of Spain. But the biggest surprise of today was that Karlis finished today’s stretch an hour before sunset. Lately it’s a really rare thing. As he explained to us, today the relief was flatter than yesterday and also he didn’t have to force himself against the headwind that was slowing him down the day before. All of today’s hundred and ten kilometers Karlis skated on a medium grade highway with low traffic, so Karlis got through today without fearing for his life. A good day it was and we are sure that tomorrow will be even better.

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