Bored of Borders

Our morning began slowly, because we were shooting our new video, which should air in a couple of days. The cinematographic process took almost two hours, so Karlis got on his skates only at 11:00. Once again the day started with a chilly breeze, but in the midday we were sunbathing. Today we got to hear that the chilly mornings and evenings can be explained by the peculiarity of the region we are crossing – the Northern Plateau. Apparently, this is the coldest area of Spain, sometimes called the Spanish Siberia and almost every year it’s covered with snow for a duration of few weeks. As we travel further South it feels like the wether is finally catching up with our expectations regarding Spain and it’s climate. During the day Karlis met yet another kindred soul. An excited man jumped out of his van and started talking to Karlis in Spanish. At first Karlis didn’t understand what he wanted from him and tried to explain that he doesn’t speak this language, but the man didn’t give up and in the end they somehow understood each other. It turned out, that this mysterious stranger is a passionate roller skier himself and is even running a roller skiing club of some sort. The two skaters exchanged contact information and parted ways with wishes of good luck and smooth road. Now the daily 110km are done and we have arrived in our “camping” – the Carrefour supermarket parking lot in Caceres, where once again we will spend the night in the warm and welcoming yellow light of the Mephistopheles sign.

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