Bored of Borders

We woke up in the middle of a pile of garbage which wasn’t there when we went to sleep. It looked like the cars of McDonalds’ customers had magically transformed into trash over night. It’s just fascinating how piggish the good people of Spain can be. Of course someone will come and clean this mess up eventually, but come-on – how hard it is to throw your wrapping papers, paper bags and plastic cups into the trash bin? We left the site of disaster and headed to our start point for today, which was near the entrance of some kind of a military zone. Karlis was still getting ready, so we had to stay there for 5 minutes, but apparently just by being parked on the driveway next to the closed gate we posed a threat to national security or something, because a patrol car came and two soldiers with machine-guns over their shoulders started to blow a whistle. After the third blow we didn’t want to wait for the next step in their standard orders, so we circled around while Karlis got ready and then dropped him on the spot almost from a moving car. Today Karlis met a lot of cyclists along his way who just by being there helped him keep up his pace resulting in the average speed of 19,9km/h. Yesterday we recalculated the total distance traveled so far and it turned out, that were are still running a bit behind the schedule, so today Karlis skated for 120km instead of the usual 110.

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