Bored of Borders

The first day is like a graduation party – everybody dressed up in white shirts, best wishes for the new stretch of life, tears of affection and laughter as we leave the harbor and enter the windless vastness of the ocean. The party has started. Without any hesitation, the whole team starts feeding fish.

When the terrain of the Namibian dessert fades away, both rowers have been working in a constant regime for 10 hours and it can be felt, naturally.

Our morning show is presented by a seal who waggles around the boat and waves his fins at us.

The first two days (actually days and nights) we rowed together with Dāvis Plotnieks, Valdis Vanags, Raitis Maurāns, Andrejs Gavars, Mārtiņš Pošeika, Kaspars Vārpiņš, Jānis Vecvagars, Gints Podziņš, Edgars Kalniņš, Jānis Baltaisbrencis, Mārtiņš Brīvmanis, Ivars Kuzovenkovs, Matīss Gibolis, Armaroli Paolo, Mārtiņš Dulmanis.

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