Bored of Borders

For now we are on schedule – we have rowed more than 550 km in 8 days and finally we are over the sea sickness – the patches really work.

Every morning we are blessed by an amazing sunrise and every evening ends with even more beautiful sunset, followed by countless shooting stars, as we row our boat through the reflection of the Milky-way.

Our bodies are starting to adjust to the strict routine of 2 hour sleep and 2 hour row.

Today the wind changed, pushing us away from our course and back in the direction of the mainland. Even when rowing with full power the best we could do was to stay at the same place, so we decided to test our sea anchor which should prevent us from drifting too far away from our route. The success of this experiment is still unknown.

We meet a fisherman boat from time to time, but it seams that they already know about us and are changing their course around our boat before we can get in touch with them. Maybe they don’t want to be seen communicating with those crazy white guys in a thin can =)

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