Bored of Borders

“gRowTogether” is the next stage of traveling around the world without an engine, without any sails, only on human power. Crossing the Pacific Ocean in a rowing boat solo from Lima, Peru to Cairns, Australia. The distance is 15500 km. The planned rowing time is 10 months, but Kārliswill stop at several islands to avoid typhoon season and replenish food ????supply, so the total length of this adventure will be more than one year.

We know that the goal can be reached with the support of family and those around us. That way we can grow together, inspiring one another. We dedicate this adventure to growing together. Today there are more than 1000 children and youth living in orphanages in Latvia .

We invite you to donate, so every child has an opportunity to grow in a family that will inspire and support, no matter the goal.

Every donation will be channeled to the support program PLECS which is working on changing the system, legislation and society, so each and every child in Latvia has an opportunity to grow-up in a family. Join the movement!

The contributors will row with Karlis, with each donation being converted to kilometers (5 EUR = 1 km in the ocean). On a map you will be able to see who has rowed further – one line will be the boat of Bored of Borders, but the other will be the “boat” of contributors. You will be able to track the progress on Bored of Borders Facebook page and

We invite you to make donations here –

Row together, grow together!

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