Bored of Borders

🌊Unbelievable! Incognito mode is finally over! Yesterday finished the re-connecting row to Africa, Kenya!🇰🇪
Since 2022 June I had to be quiet and not so open regarding my future expedition plans🤐. It was very warmly recommended by the State Security Service, much appreciate their help. It was due to the fact, that to be able to continue my expedition I would need to go again to Somalia.🇸🇴 Well, technically to the international waters, but that is just in front of Somalia to get to the coordinates where I’ve been and restart my journey to mainland Africa. It was very complicated, long, time, nerve and money consuming process. It is now behind! I need more time to digest that, because it resolved only yesterday. So what happened in a nutshell? Got the boat to Kenya, got towed by fisherman to the coordinates, where I was in 2022 close to Somalia/Kenya border and then🚣🏽‍♂️ rowed 208 nm to Kilifi, Kenya (finished on 30.01.2024). This morning I woke up relieved and filled with gratitude.
🙏🏻Grateful to the boat, that survived this journey!
🙏🏻Grateful to Arturs Skroderis, who was crazy enough to join me for this moonlight crouise 🤜🏻🤛🏻
🙏🏻Grateful for all the supporters, that are still with me on this journey emotinally🥰 and lets be real financially too💰

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