Bored of Borders

So our new adventure is on and we are back on the road – have to say, it feels almost like visiting a good friend after being away for a while. After a short press conference and warm farewell from our friends and supporters eight bikes took off from Radisson Blu hotel in Riga and headed towards the sunny Sochi. We started in a company of eight, but only four of the cyclists will reach the Olympics – four guys decided to see us safely till the border of Latvia – just in case, and ofcourse for the fun of it. Not to state the obvious, but there are still some people left who enjoy pedaling in the freezing -10 degrees Celsius. Meaning – our kind of people. The first stop was still in Riga at the Children’s Hospital, where we received the most important package of this trip – the drawings that children made to support and inspire Latvian Olympic team. We will see to the safe delivery of these good thoughts and best wishes to Sochi and our Olympians. The first leg of today’s route proved that it won’t be a walk in a park. The first supporting cyclist left the route after 41km to warm his frozen leg in our van. The next two cycling enthusiasts left our gang after 70km, because they didn’t want to leave the country at this point. So we crossed the border of Latvia and rolled into Lithuania with five bikes and, what’s interesting, five riders as well, and all of them safely reached our first accommodation for the night near Panevežys. After getting out of his biking skin Karlis B. confessed that his knee is aching and the last 110km he pedaled using only one leg. It could be that the pain was caused by a late warmup – Karlis B. is certain that he got warmed up only 20km before parking his bike at the Hotel. All and all, the first day was a good example of the road to come – biting cold, aggressively driving trucks and the first pain. No worries, it’s going to be legendary =)

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