Bored of Borders

Last week Karlis was visiting the little patients of the Children’s Hospital to spread the word of strong spirit, following one’s dreams and the magnetic properties of the aspect of life we call Adventure. During the first part of this meeting Karlis told his new friends the story of BoB and its first adventure Coast-to-Coast. The little ones listened with their mouths open and eyes sparkling in excitement – who knows, maybe this meeting will become an origin of another adventurer, explorer or just a friend of the Road. Some of the children were a little skeptical about someone being able to cross Europe on Nordic skates, so they decided to test Karlis by asking him to name all of the countries in Europe. The results of this sophisticated test remain uncertain, because they lost count at the 25th country, but let’s just say that this score was enough to convince even the biggest skeptics. The second part of this come-together was a creative one. Karlis explained the purpose of cycling to Sochi and encouraged the children to put their support and best wishes for our Olympic Team into drawings, which he promised to deliver to our Olympians in Sochi. The children were excited and got to work. We’ve already seen some of the wish-pics and a lot more are on their way, and we are sure that these wishes of good tidings will inspire our athletes and help them in reaching their goals.

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