Bored of Borders

Last night I got cold feet – literally. The rest of my body was protected by all available clothing in many layers, but the feet got a bit iced. It’s reasonable to assume that the broken zipper on entrance of our tent and the consequential “open doors” situation didn’t help. I have no clue how cold it was during the night, but in the morning the tent was frozen almost solid. Fortunately during the day we managed to defrost and dry the tent and fix the broken zipper, so we are ready for another night out.

Today we found the snow again, so we got back on our skis and enjoyed a nice stroll under a clear winter sky. We skied over a lake for a while and then took a small forest road. We have abandoned our initial overly optimistic plan to force ourselves in a straight line through and over any obstacles, so our route looks kind of loopy and twisty, but it still takes us more or less in the right direction. Yes, by the way there’s gone be a “we” only for a couple more days, because on Friday evening Martins has to be in any kind of a public transport headed towards home. He has responsibilities, you know.

Regarding people, today we met only two and interestingly enough two brothers. The first brother was driving home from fishing on a snowmobile and gave as a perch, but the second brother, whom we met a bit later, was skiing through the forest with his two little dogs – Mickey and Minnie. Can you imagine a big Finnish guy on skis with two ridiculously small dogs named after the characters of an old Disney cartoon? I bert you can’t. This brother didn’t give us anything, but wanted to know if this trip was a drunken idea and if so what the hell did we drink. To be honest, I don’t drink =)

For the rest of the day it was only the two of us sometimes chatting, sometimes dragging our sledge in silence. We even managed to plan a whole new adventure related to a hidden treasure Martin has heard about. His wife doesn’t take this venture seriously and has declared Martins to be a romantic, but he is certain that all we need to do is dig and dig deep. And today it sounds really convincing, because today even without any digging I have found 100 euros. Ok, ok, I haven’t found the money – I won it in some kind of a draw related to the insurance I bought for this trip. So I think to my self – if you can win money, why can’t you dig it out of the ground?

Based on the clear sky, thermometer reading of -18 degrees and the fact that the temperature is dropping not by hours, but by minutes, I would speculate that this will be the coldest night yet. Before crawling into our icy castle we are trying to force the cold away with a big fire, and it helps – the roaring fire keeps us warm at least for now. Sadly it’s only a short term comfort – soon we will have to put out the fire and stay eye-to-eye with the Northern freeze. At least this time we will be able to close the door.

Karlis (66° 33.26N, 026° 59.86E)

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