Bored of Borders

Just to be clear – we are not sitting in our wetsuits. In fact, most of the time we try to get by with minimal clothing.

When we started rowing after the second round of antibiotics, on the 3rd day the small passengers started to take take best seats. We did our best to stop them with lotions, disinfection, washing etc. But in reality, if you are taking 2h shifts on the sliding bench and regularly get caressed by a wave, it is impossible to stay dry, un-sweaty and un-scraped.

Even if after 2h of rowing you crawl into the cabin, disinfect yourself, rub on some lotion and sleep on your stomach, after 2h of rest you again give the little passengers a perfect microclimate on the sliding bench.

Karlis has learned to row on his feet. No, it is not a joke. It could look a bit strange, but this method delivers almost the same speed. The only problem is the increased physical load. Karlis is planing to row in this technic until all of the unwelcome passengers will leave both “seating areas” and afterwords he will use this method periodically to prevent the passengers from getting back on board.

(Drawing by Samata)

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