Bored of Borders

Thank you all for your comments. In the next few days we will let you know about the new and revolutionary solutions for the pimple situation.

Meanwhile, we will tell you about our “Līgo” bondfire or, to be more precise, our hearth.

Every day we use this masterpiece of camping industry – MSR Windburner that was kindly supplied for us by the traveling equipment store “CEĻOTĀJS”. And we have to say – it is one of a kind. Yes, we know that it sounds like a payed advertisement, but in 20 years that Kārlis have been cooking food on camping gas stoves he has never used anything more handy. It will, without a doubt, be appreciated by enthusiasts of outdoor activities, because it boils water in record time, it can be used in very windy conditions, it is lightweight, small, compact. The burner and gas tank is mounted to the boiling cup, so you don’t have to worry about the stability of the pot. We rally appreciate this advantage on

our unsteady kitchen.

We thank “CEļOTĀJS” for our heart in the ocean.

(Drawing by Enija Grēta Fiļppova)

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