Bored of Borders

After the Ocean gifted us with too many golden sunsets, we decided to cycle back into the desert, inland one more time.

Soon we reached the Nazca city. It’s name is derived from the Nazca culture that flourished in the area between 100 BC and 800 AD. This culture was responsible for the Nazca Lines. Like ancient emojis :Ddrawn on huge scale on the sand of desert. Please, google or better check out on Youtube for more information about Nazca lines, because we were not been able to put down 140$ for better pictures, which could been taken from the small airplane 😀

The Pan American highway is so powerful it even rolls over one of the signs!! Couldn’t believe that local Peruvians allowed it to happen…

Anyway the signs caught our eyes for the whole day – first closer to Nazca and then again in Palpa. Unfortunately somewhere on the road our gear switch lost the ability to change our gears and as one part of the day was quite hilly we had to change the gears manually! Annoying, right? But for the surprise of both of us we managed to dismantle, repair and fix the gear switch back in the right position, wouh!

Ica city is surrounded by the mountains and desert, so finally Karlis got a chance to fulfill his dream of tasting the sand-boarding. That’s right, he literally tasted the sand! Full mouth of sand 😀

Now we are back on the coast and looks like this week we are going to finish this leg of the around-the-world-by-human-power adventure! Whoop-woooooppp!

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