Bored of Borders

There is nothing quite as dramatic as the reality and for this reason 4 days ago we decided not to describe our situation in detail. We didn’t want to scare those closest to us.

Doctors emotionlessly described our condition as life-threatening. High temperature and purulent furuncles. Also our supply of antibiotics is not limitless. Plan B or C meant total or partial evacuation or other major changes.

But after all this project is meant to BE! Following doctors instructions, we have managed to keep the temperature at normal levels for 4 days. Furuncles are healing and shrinking.

For the last 2 weeks there was no ship in sight, but 2 days ago we met a 130m long ship with Russian crew, and it was right on our course just a couple of miles away. We got in touch by the radio and they agreed to help us. So now we are strengthening our immunity with oranges, grapefruits, apples, powerful garlic and extra medication.

For now we are moving very slowly, but we are still on our route to Rio. Thanks to all of you who sent and continue to send good thoughts and blessings our way!

(Drawing by Raiens Smirnovs)

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