Bored of Borders

The feeling of movement is indescribable. Centimeter after centimeter, meter after meter. The days are running by and forming weeks. We honestly can’t believe that soon we will start our third week of scooping ocean’s water with extensions of our palms. Closer to the shore we were strongly influenced by Benguela Current and the winds blowing from Capetown. We are still vulnerable to these strong forces, but for now we are using the quiet weather to sneak West, to Rio – the beach of Samba.

I am sure, that the song 4:33 by John Cage is a plagiarism and the original is performed by the ocean who can perform it for 24h straight.

It is a noble silence and during the night, if you hold your breath, you can hear the stars whispering.

(Drawing by Miks Leismanis)

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