Bored of Borders

Third Ocean – Indian Ocean:
Kuala perlis, Malaysia – Baraawe, Somalia.
✅🚣 Rowed 10 117 km or 5 463 nm. From Sri Lanka to Maldives 408 nm rowed together with 🇨🇵 fellow circumnavigator Dimitri Kieffer!
✅ Again crossed Malacca straits, one of the most busiest marine traffic territories🤞🏻
✅ Made touchdown to 3 anti-podal points in Sri Lanka. Requirement for legit #aroundtheworldbyhumanpower 🌐
✅ Had to cut of the line&anchor as I hate to dive to retrive the anchor (too deep – this sucks🤮) in Maldives.
✅Crossed the 🌊 Equaror ✖ 2 times. N->S->N !!!
✅ Been pushed back ➡by the equatorial counercurrent for ❗❗❗22 days while crossing the current to the South.
✅ got hit in the head by #flyingfish
✅ Lost 2 windburner stoves for water boiling.
✅ experienced mindblowing sunrises🌅 sunsets 🌄 fullmoons 🎑
✅ Broken steering rudder 550 nm from the coast and fixed it with a rope😲
✅ Made 360 degree overturn, side-salto with the boat for the first time! Lost optical glases and my WC😲
✅ Got beyond lucky not to get caught by Alshabab as I was crossing the costal waters of South Somalia🌊
✅ Huge gratitude to those people and organizations involved in the final days operations💫
✅ As far as I know this is the first time, when someone rows from Asia to Africa across the Indian Ocean🚣‍♂️Yeee!

With me on this expedition:

Depo LatviaSB SiltumtehnikaTurkish AirlinesAIROSBeweShip Latviaveikals CeļotājsSportlandthe NorthfaceGarmin latvijaWatex ūdens filtriHansaelPrestolRare darbnīcaVeggy crushgo pro latvijaradio SWHHospiss LVOSM crew managememt Latvia.



  • Denys

    July 16, 2022

    Hi karlis! Congratulations, you made it!
    We met you while sailing from Sri Lanka to Maldives. We are now in the Red Sea. Are you going this way?
    Denys from S/V Sept à vivre


    October 3, 2022

    Kārli, kā klājas? Vai okeāna sajūtas izgaisušas?
    Ļoti gribētos zināt, kas notiek ar laivu?
    Vai ir cerības atgūt, jeb varbūt jau laiva ir mājā.
    Kā ar tālāko ceļu pāri Āfrikas kontinentam?
    Ļoti grribētos, kas,kur un kā.

  • Arnis

    December 8, 2022

    Kur patreiz atrodas Kārlis?
    Un kas notiek ar viņa laivu Linda?


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