Bored of Borders

Third Ocean – Indian Ocean:
Kuala perlis, Malaysia – Baraawe, Somalia.
✅🚣 Rowed 10 117 km or 5 463 nm. From Sri Lanka to Maldives 408 nm rowed together with 🇨🇵 fellow circumnavigator Dimitri Kieffer!
✅ Again crossed Malacca straits, one of the most busiest marine traffic territories🤞🏻
✅ Made touchdown to 3 anti-podal points in Sri Lanka. Requirement for legit #aroundtheworldbyhumanpower 🌐
✅ Had to cut of the line&anchor as I hate to dive to retrive the anchor (too deep – this sucks🤮) in Maldives.
✅Crossed the 🌊 Equaror ✖ 2 times. N->S->N !!!
✅ Been pushed back ➡by the equatorial counercurrent for ❗❗❗22 days while crossing the current to the South.
✅ got hit in the head by #flyingfish
✅ Lost 2 windburner stoves for water boiling.
✅ experienced mindblowing sunrises🌅 sunsets 🌄 fullmoons 🎑
✅ Broken steering rudder 550 nm from the coast and fixed it with a rope😲
✅ Made 360 degree overturn, side-salto with the boat for the first time! Lost optical glases and my WC😲
✅ Got beyond lucky not to get caught by Alshabab as I was crossing the costal waters of South Somalia🌊
✅ Huge gratitude to those people and organizations involved in the final days operations💫
✅ As far as I know this is the first time, when someone rows from Asia to Africa across the Indian Ocean🚣‍♂️Yeee!

With me on this expedition:

Depo LatviaSB SiltumtehnikaTurkish AirlinesAIROSBeweShip Latviaveikals CeļotājsSportlandthe NorthfaceGarmin latvijaWatex ūdens filtriHansaelPrestolRare darbnīcaVeggy crushgo pro latvijaradio SWHHospiss LVOSM crew managememt Latvia.


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