Bored of Borders

Today I’m restarting to row west towards Africa.🚣‍♂️
I’m gratefull, that Dimitri took time off his own circumnavigation and joined me for this leg from SriLanka to Maldives! I shared my home (the boat) and experiences gained so far. I’ve learned about polar regions and cycling in Africa, which will be on my plate in the future, thanks! Here I’m copying the message from Dimitri on his Nexus Expedition page:
“Gulnara and I have just bid farewell to Kārlis Bardelis (Bored of Borders) in the port of Hulhumalé in the Maldives as he started rowing towards the shores of Tanzania, 4000 kms away.
This is going to be a challenging section for him and his boat, and we truly wish him the very best.
I have decided to not join him for this section, because, as I have written before, our overall schedule has been quite impacted and delayed over the last year, as a result of Covid restrictions which have prevented us from being able to meet and start our row together any sooner. I no longer have the time to spare to be able to undertake such a long crossing which will require several months to accomplish. Instead, I personally need to get back to Malawi soon to continue my own expedition, cycling from where I last stopped in Mangochi, last December towards Cape Town in South Africa where I plan to start my southern Atlantic row to Brazil. I am currently in the process of selecting the boat I will choose for my own crossing and this takes time and requires quite a bit of forward planning.  As Kārlis mentioned to me a while back: “Remember, buying a proper row boat and kitting it appropriately is more complex than buying a bag of chips!”
Kārlis and I have also discussed that my original plan to join him in Asia was in order to begin to acquire ocean rowing training & experience.
We both agree that these 8 days of rowing from Sri Lanka to the Maldives have been a good initial introduction.  I have learned a lot and this is going to help me prepare for my own Atlantic row.
As Kārlis has mentioned to me: “As far as training is concerned, there is not much more training you could have additionally gained at this stage by continuing to row with me on the boat. Time is precious, and you will be better off, getting back on land, finish your cycling section through Africa and start planning your Atlantic row.”
Thank you again Kārlis for having shared your boat and your acquired knowledge so generously.
Godspeed, wishing you calm seas and please stay safe.
We will be thinking of you and following your progress.””

Karlis: “I’m looking forward to climb Mt.Rainier with You and Gulnara together some day! All the best for the preparation for the South Atlantic and cycling in Africa this year! We say – have a light pedal (vieglu pedāli)!

Now #rowwithukraine to the west!

Let’s not forget the Hospice charity we are raising fonds to, please, take a look –

Stay tuned (on wednesdays at @radioSwh morning show, we will have live call at 8:10👍🏻)

With me on this expedition:

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