Bored of Borders

Yesterday, after the post with fishing house the wind dropped, so I was excited to row some more nautical miles. Weather forecast seemed to be ok, I even dreamt to reach the horn. It wasn’t big of a distance for normal Ocean conditions. There is a lot of local currents, that goes oposite direction of my intended route. Together with dissapering sun the nasty rain clouds got on the stage. The rain is not a problem, but those clouds comes in with wind and waves. In such a conditions it’s risky to aproach land (in search for an anchor/buoy). The wind pushed me towards the shore, when I tried to see something in the dark that looked like bouy. After 30min I saw one small fishing boat still fishing in the dark. I swiched on the turbo rowing mode to reach the bouy the fishing boat was using. The fisherman tried to help me by shining the light all around my boat, but often making me blind by shining it straight into my eyes! Then I screamed “Lampu Buii, Lampu Buii” which in Indonesian means “The light bouy” or something like that, so he pour the light on the bouy!???????? Eventually I grabed the bouy and tied the boat. I was confused what kind of ancorage it could be, if the depth is 86m, weird. Anyway, I was a happy camper to not crush the boat on the shore.

Fisherman left around 21:00 and I went to sleep, I woke up around 4:00 in the morning. To my surprise wind was blowing from very unusual side, checked the GPS and realised what had happened. The anchorage has broken loose and together with the bouy the boat was drifting uncontrollably, while I was sleeping. All safe and sound rushed to row back to the area, where more bouys could be found. 1.5h later the deal was done. A bit spicy morning!!! In between the rain showers it’s calm, so tried my luck again and got closer to horn. Now I’m anchored in safer bay than yesterday night, so I’ll have a good rest before tomorrow, when I definately need to row the first horn and find good shelter, because after that 5 days of headwind is on the menu.

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