Bored of Borders

And so the life long adventure of BOB continues. On January 21st, Karlis and his three friends – Kaspars, Roberts, Karlis P. will mount their bicycles and set the course to Sochi in Russia, home to the XXII Winter Olympic Games. The four cyclists will not only sweat, freeze and have all other sorts of fun but will also act as messengers of good wishes, as they will pick up the letters and drawings prepared by the little patients of the Children’s Hospital in Riga and deliver them to Latvian Olympic team in Sochi. The cyclists will devote this adventure to a good cause, encouraging the followers of this project to make donations for the renovation of the Hemato-oncology ward of the Children’s Hospital.

So – 4 guys, 4 bikes, 2802 kilometers, 17 days in the middle of the winter and no medals, just pedals.

Follow our new adventure here and through our social channels and don’t forget to have fun!

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