Bored of Borders

We hope this was the last cold morning in our home because today we finally got to one of the few places in the whole Sweden where we could exchange our gas tanks, so this evening our gas heater will burn again and it will be cosy inside the camper. Also today Karlis skated into the third thousand of his journey. And again it felt like this waypoint meant more to the supporting crew than it did to Karlis. As he explained when crossing the border between the first and second thousand, each of his days starts from ground 0, which is indicated on the digital display of his GPS watch, and this is how he moves forward – one day, one stretch, one breath at a time. So for Karlis todays 121km were more important than the waypoint of 2000km. During the last part of today’s route another pole broke, so now we have only two poles and one of them has no metal tip which broke off yesterday evening. So basically we have only one fully functioning pole and the task for this evening is to figure out a way of replacing the broken tip with a new one. We hope that our specialized mechanics team is up for this challenge =).

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