Bored of Borders

This day began with a task for our technical team. They had to replace the broken pole tips with a new ones. The trick was that the instructions for this replacement task came form a YouTube video, so till the end it wasn’t clear if it will work. After boiling the tip for 2 minutes it magically came off the pole. Then we heated a glue stick on our Primus and used the hot glue to fix the new tip onto the pole. It all worked out perfectly so Karlis started his day with two poles again. Today for the first time we found ourselves on a highway by mistake and left it as soon as we could, because it didn’t feel safe for Karlis and almost every driver was using his horn to express his frustration with the crazy guy on roller skates. But we don’t miss the highway, because it’s frickin boring and anonymous. It’s funny how your perception changes – now 120km a day already feels like a normal distance not worth mentioning but actually it’s still a lot.

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