Bored of Borders

We started with a slow morning which is kind of appropriate for Sunday. Before start the skates needed a little work because one of the brake systems fell off yesterday evening. We are a little short on shims, so we are using old bearings instead. The day went on quite good till we lost Karlis. He was skating on a bicycle road which on one point moved away from the road and thus from us. In the end of course we found each other but it was after an hour long wait on our part. The second stretch of today’s route took Karlis by surprise with it’s uneven asphalt which is more than ok for cars but not suited for roller skiers. This road took a lot out of Karlis so today he could skate “only” 105km. And again we have found an unorthodox place for camping. We are spending this night by a railroad tracks near a small station. Who can say that it’s wrong? And even if someone can, we don’t care.

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