Bored of Borders

Today we woke up by a railway station and went to explore the two locomotives parked nearby. From the look of them they have been forgotten here for a long time. One of them was made in 1926. Although the morning was a bit cold the day was just perfect – the sun heated the air to +20 degrees, so we lost some layers of clothing. We were crossing the region of Smaland today – the home of Lindgren’s Emil and a lot of horses. It looks like this is some kind of horse breeding region. Our route took us through Halmstad where we prepared and ate our lunch at Shell petrol station like true road punks. After lunch we took off in the direction of Helsingborg – our last stop in Sweden and gateway to Denmark. During the second part of the day we saw a lot of wind turbines which seamlessly blended in with the otherwise rural scenery. The not so fun fact of today is that by our latest calculations our house is burning almost 16l of fuel per 100km. It is a bit more than we anticipated and because of this we have already spent almost 1/2 of the fuel budget after only 1/3 of our route. For Karlis today’s route was quite easy, because mostly it was flat. Only one stretch of downhill ride caused a bit of a problem – after riding on the uneven asphalt for some time Karlis legs became numb, but it was only for a short while. We are spending the night at Angelholm,parked at the seaside and surrounded by a tribe of wild rabbits. It’s just magical where the road can take you if you let it.

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