Bored of Borders

We had a magical morning on the pier of Angels hill city (Angelholm) drinking coffee and watching the medusas pass by. After that our road took us to Helsingborg from where we finally took off form Sweden. No offense to this beautiful country but enough is enough. After a short ferry ride we arrived in Helsingor, Denmark and instantly got amazed by the biking culture of this country, which is very nice for Karlis, because bicycles are more skater friendly than cars and trucks. We reached Copenhagen by a small seaside road and regrettably passed through this cool city with no stops. But that’s ok, because we are not on a sightseeing trip – we are on the road and the road goes on. Though skating on bicycle roads is easier and faster than in the road traffic you still have to respect the traffic lights, so the ride through cities took a bit longer than we expected. Today Karlis made 105km after which we returned to Copenhagen to stay with a friend of Zane. Malu welcomed our freaky crew into her nice home no questions asked, so today we will spend the night in a bit larger quarters than we are used to. We hope that our motorhome won’t take offense for this.

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