Bored of Borders

This morning totally broke our habits and customs. Our hostess Malou had prepared a royal breakfast with boiled eggs and bread straight form the oven and we all sat around a white table and used real tableware. It was unusual for road punks like us. Then we spent some hours in Copenhagen filming our new video which we hope is online by now. Check out if Karlis got a tattoo. After that our route took us to the Storebaeltsbroen bridge which is the 4th longest suspension bridge in the world. Sadly Karlis was not allowed to cross the bridge on skates, so we smuggled him across in the camper, and maybe it was a good thing after all, because it was so windy on the bridge that we felt like our motorhome will be blown into the Great Belt channel, so crossing on skates would almost definitely result in an unpleasant swim for Karlis. Because of the late start once again Karlis had to skate after sunset, but in Denmark it’s a bit safer because of the extensive bicycle roads infrastructure. Though we were running late, Karlis insisted on going on until at least 100km, so our route length deficit of approx. 40km won’t improved. He’s determined to reach Gibraltar in 60 days with no excuses.

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