Bored of Borders

There’s not much to say about this day. It was a bit flat and gray. The one thing worth mentioning is that today we kind of fixed the camper window that got into an argument with a bus stop yesterday. Now we have a new window made of cardboard box, garbage bag and some duct tape and the writing in it says “Road punks”, which we are. We had our lunch in a place with a bit funny name Middelfart (we apologize to the good people of Middelfart for all the jokes we made on the account of their home town) and there we stayed in a five star hotel …. ‘s parking lot. At least it had a good view of the hotel. The second part of the day turned out to be windy and cold, so Karlis stopped the camper and demanded the second pair of pants with a text “It’s frickin freezing.” It’s interesting how fast you can forget the rough conditions and adjust to nice weather – though the wind feels freezing at the moment, compared to Nordkapp it is like a summer breeze but still a strong one. For the last 20km Karlis was struggling against the wind and after total of 112km admitted that he’s a bit tired and would like to call it a day.

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