Bored of Borders

Today we crossed yet another border and left Denmark behind. As we approached the border of Germany the bicycle road got worse and worse. Karlis thought that this is a plot of Danish government to prevent danes from leaving the country by bike. The only thing that indicated the border between the two countries was a humble sign. It feels like as we travel further South the borders become more and more blurry. The North of Germany is not much different from the South of Denmark and the only thing that indicates that we are in another country is the language written on the road signs and spoken in gas stations. Also it seems that Germans are more in a hurry than the people of the North. They drive faster and are more dissatisfied with a guy skating on their lane of the road. It seems that in Germany Karlis will have to use only bicycle roads because today he got a lot of horn signals and even yelling directed at him. Again the wind was not in favor to our skater so he made 100km today. Still it’s enough not to fall behind on our schedule.

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