Bored of Borders

The dream of German bicycle roads turned into a bit of a nightmare today. First of all, you can never know when a well asphalted road will turn into a road covered with gravel or even forest path not suited for rollerskating. The second challenge is route planning on the go. We constantly have to plan and track two routes – one by bicycle roads for Karlis and another by public roads for us. The two routes often go apart from each other and afterwards it’s hard for us to find our loan skater. In one instance today Karlis phoned us and told, that he’s on a forest path and can’t go on by this route, but we had lost sight of him approx. 10km back. The only way to find him was to look at the map and find the worst possible track that he could have taken and hope that we are right. Thank all the road gods that we were right, because Karlis has no live GPS transmission, so there’s no way for us to locate his exact position. The scary part is that we haven’t gotten to really big cities yet and already have encountered routing problems. What will come next? But the good news are that we haven’t lost Karlis yet and are ready for a new day and challenges. We are spending this night at our friend Karin’s place in Hamburg, so no sleeping on the roadside tonight. The early start payed off and after the daily 100km Karlis finished in daylight for a change, even though the stumbling through the maze of bicycle roads took more than expected and the total skating time summed up to 6h.

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