Bored of Borders

This was a calm day for a change. No problems with the routing, no accidents and no major technical problems. The only problem that we encountered was a broken wheel on Karlis skates. The wheel base just cracked making the wheel unusable and strangely enough it happened on an even asphalt. We suppose that the wheel was damaged before when traveling under more challenging conditions and now it just gave up. It’s a good thing that we have spare wheels, so Karlis was up and going again in no time. Today we crossed Hamburg without getting lost or loosing Karlis once and we hope that it means that we are getting better at routing and the problems we encountered yesterday are in the past. After Hamburg we were traveling mostly by small country side roads surrounded by farms, orchards and farming fields and moving towards Bremen which we will reach tomorrow. After the daily hundred we ended up in Kirchtimke. Try to find it on a map, we dare you!

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