Bored of Borders

Today was a big day for us. The first and most important thing is that we crossed into the second half of our trip time-wise. 30 days are behind us and another 30 await us in the unknown future. It really doesn’t feel like we have been on the road for a whole month. The second thing was the three thousand mark which Karlis crossed today. So we are somewhere in the middle also length-wise. The third thing was the arrival of our friend Matīss form Latvia who brought Christmas to our camper early this year, It took us a while to dig through all the boxes of gifts and provisions that we received form our families, good friends and supporters, We got new wheels for Karlis skates, some good Latvian beers, a lot of Selga cookies and other food provisions and of course a ton of good wishes. We thank you all from the bottom of our collective heart. It took some time to load everything into our limited living area and now it seams that we are as packed as we where when we left Riga. Matīss not only delivered all the boxes and bags of goodies, but also joined Karlis for a ride, so the second stretch of today Karlis shared his road with a friend. The only negative note of today was Karlis unsuccessful attempt to fly when a screw on one of his wheels got loose and blocked the wheel. No injuries though and after a short repair our skater was good to go again. The packing and rearranging of our home took a while, so today after 101km we finished after dark.

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