Bored of Borders

Today we woke up in a camping from the previous era. No internet, no hot water in the sink and shower coin machines that look like Shopenhauer himself could have used them in his time. And the most peculiar thing about this camping was the price – 25 euros. For what? Ok, enough about bad things. This morning we shot some scenes for our new video, so soon you will be able to continue following the adventures of Karlis alter ego. For the first part of todays stretch Karlis was riding together with Matīss which was a good thing because when traveling together the time passes faster, but on the other hand traveling together makes more room for mistakes. Karlis got his pole stuck in the wheel spokes of Matīss bicycle and broke yet another pole. For the second part of the day Karlis skated alone again but even that didn’t save him from a disaster – by nightfall he broke another pole, so now he is left with just one. Today after 105km we finished in a place called Wettringen. Karlis is joking about the situation that todays result is 2:0 poles against him. We’ll figure out how to overcome this issue tomorrow.

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